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The St. Thomas Mar Thoma Matriculation Higher Secondary School aims at forming psychologically integrated, intellectually competent, morally upright and socially acceptable human persons, who will be open to the growth and will champion the cause of justice, truth, love and peace.


“Learn to Lead”










Sports Day


School Day


School Day


  • The St. Thomas Mar Thoma Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a Christian school Managed by the Mar Thoma Church Educational Society (Reg No. 90/95) The course of studies of the student of the school is arranged according to the Taminadu State Syllabus (Director of Matriculation Schools, Chennai-6) [27-M-0087-0516]
  • Students should greet their Secretary, Treasurer, Principal, Teachers & staffs.
  • The School is open to all Religions.
  • Computer is taught as one of the subjects from standard 1 to 12.
  • Classes commence with prayer at the Assembly at which all students & Teachers must be present
  • In special occasions a prayer service is conducted in order to invoke God’s blessing.
  • English is the medium of communication in the classrooms & speaking within the school
  • Any damage done in the school premises must be made good.
  • No student will be allowed to go home during class hours. All the students are expected to bring their lunch.s
  • Immoral behavior , Grave insubordination ,malpractice in examination , habitual contempt shown to the authorities, repeated dishonesty or anything which will lower the moral tone of the school, inattentiveness, indifference to study , withful damage to school , property, discourtesy towards any member of the staff are sufficient reason for the dismissal of a student.
  • Parents must take an appointment to meet principal or secretary between 10am to 2pm.
  • The school gate will be closed at 9.15am. Disciplinary action will be taken against late-comers.
  • The school & the school premises are under the CCTV cameras
  • The classrooms and the verandas are to be kept neat & tidy, if not fine will be collected.


Monday and Friday –   For all Classes


  • Fee is directly received by the school office or by the class teachers and obtains receipt. Fees once remitted will not be refunded.
  • The fees will be collected before the 10th of every month, failing in which a fine of 10/- will be taken each month.
  • Fee will be collected at the office from 9.30 am to 3.00pm on all working days, Saturdays will be holiday for the office
  • Parents should keep the fees receipts carefully & produce them as proof of payment of fees if needed.
  • If the fee payment is due, Respective class teachers will inform the parents through School diary or by SMS System.
  • All dues must be cleared before a student is admitted to the terminal & final examination. These include compensation charged for loss or damage of articles in the laboratory, library etc. No Transfer Certificate or any other documents will be issued unless dues are cleared.a
  • Those who avail Transportation should pay the Bus Fees with the Monthly Fees.
  • The Fees collected by the school by taking into consideration of the factors provided under section(6) of the Tamil Nadu schools(Regulation of collection of Fee)Act,2009(Tamil Nadu Act 22,2009)


A school theme is commonly defined as a school that exists “to provide educational excellence for all students by creating a collaborative environment that empowers students, parents, staff, and community members to ignite a lifetime desire and love of learning through project-based learning, rigorous curriculum.