School Library is equipped with advanced library system. We are providing Digital library for students. An internet kiosk is provided for students to browse the Digital contents.
Silence is to be observed in the Library. Students are expected to handle the books carefully; if a book is damaged or spoiled by a student, she/he will have to replace the book or pay present coast. All markings, underlining or defacing of books by an means should be avoided.


We have advanced lab facilities available with our School including Computer Lab, Science Lab, and Mathematics Lab


We have two school buses plying to various parts. Timings, Charges etc are available at the School office. The School provides transportation facilities to students. The bus Fees will be collected in monthly installments. One month’s notice in writing shall be given for discontinuance of the bus facility. Nobody without a valid bus pass will be allowed to board the bus. Requests for change of boarding point shall be made in writing one month in advance.


A school theme is commonly defined as a school that exists “to provide educational excellence for all students by creating a collaborative environment that empowers students, parents, staff, and community members to ignite a lifetime desire and love of learning through project-based learning, rigorous curriculum.